This period between Christmas and the new year lends itself perfectly for reflection and planning. Most years, I use it for that exact purpose. 2015 was, in many ways, different.

That difference lies in the fact that this has been an extraordinary reflective year for me. The battle against depression was waged on two fronts, both with medication and in therapy. Obviously, the last bit is nothing but reflection. On life, on myself, on the people in my life and even on the reflection I have already done.

I got a nice long view into the abyss I call my mind and I found it at times scary, but mostly very interesting. I learned a lot and am pleased that I can now say that my depression is of biological origin and will be controlled by medication in the future.

Another reason for reflection was the birth of our son. As the birth of our daughter did in 2012, the arrival of this little bundle of joy (smack in the middle of my depressive episode) also lead to reflection and introspection.

This also passed and now I find myself in the position that this traditionally reflective period has little need for reflection. I know where I am, I know where I want to go. The only thing left is going there. And that will be the exiting part of 2016.

To all of you I wish the very best for 2016!