Some books linger in your mind, long after you’ve put them away because you finished them. You might have finished reading the book, it isn’t done with you yet. For me, most books by Cory Doctorow fall in that category.

His latest novel is Walkaway. It’s his first novel for adults since Makers came out in 2009. In my mind, Walkaway and Makers share a lot of idea’s under the surface. Where the protagonists in Makers turn their backs on the world of traditional work to create their own little venues, many of the people featured in Walkaway turn their backs on society as a whole. Rather than actively fight the rich and powerful, they decide to undermine that rotten part of society by walking away from it.

Both ways of moving away from the traditional way wealth and power are spread root in an idea that many things, like the information to manufacture stuff everyone uses, and information itself, should be free. With that comes freedom for people.

In Walkaway, Doctorow shows a future where some mega rich people wield all the power, and all others are a cog in the machinery that adds wealth to those already extremely wealthy.

If you are interested in themes like that. And in science fiction that stays close to today to show us something about humanity, Walkaway is your book. Go read it!